For the first time
an Augmented Reality app
with textbooks

How to use?

1 ➜ Download the app

2 ➜ Open the app screen

3 ➜ Tap to scan the first page of each chapter


Click on the appropriate link to download the app from Google Play Store on your android device
Class Download link File Size
9 Click Here 33.3 MB
10 Click Here 32.9 MB
11 Click Here 45.2 MB

Bringing together
technology and printed books
to create an exciting learning experience

The AR apps:
  • make language learning a multi-dimensional experience
  • provide a convenient way for learners to access content
  • help develop skill for modern world
  • enhance reading & listening skills for English Language
  • engage students

I hear so I speak.
I read so I write.
I watch so I internalize.

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