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Be a Maths Star, Primer A, B and books 1 to 5

Be a Maths Star is a series of books that enable children to develop process skills for the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts in order to make complicated things simple. The books also enable children to integrate their learning with everyday life and across the curriculum. The aim is to put principles to practice, thus deepening understanding of the core content. The books are for the Foundationa (A, B, 1–2) and Preparatory (3–5) stages.

Chapter highlights

  • Includes all the Key Concepts of the new ICSE Curriculum
  • A Warm up activity to introduce concepts
  • Extensive in-text exercises (Checkpoint)
  • A dedicated Mental Maths page to hone skills
  • Full page Do-it Maths to reinforce conceptual understanding
  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789355728326 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 3 (NEP 2020) Rs   454.00
9789355728333 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 4 (NEP 2020) Rs   499.00
9789355728340 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 5 (NEP 2020) Rs   514.00
9789355728364 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 7 (NEP 2020) Rs   549.00
9789355728302 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   374.00
9789355728319 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 2 (NEP 2020) Rs   414.00
9789355728371 ICSE BE A MATHS STAR 8 (NEP 2020) Rs   564.00
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