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For Classes:

For Classes:
1 to 8


Multiple Genres: A variety of genres such as stories, poems, plays and comic strips have been used.

More to Read: Introduces students to unsung heroes and super-achievers of India and other nations

Get Started: A warm-up activity at the beginning of every lesson

Life Skills: Complement the process of imbibing values that will make students self-reliant and resourceful individuals

Read and Write: Questions to test the students’ understanding of the values in the text

Talk about page: Every book begins with a talk about page that encourages students to think deeply and to talk about the value.

Think and Do: Questions that encourage students to think analytically

Real Heroes: Every book contains a page about the ‘Real Heroes of India’ – individuals who have served our nation in an extraordinary way.

Go Online: Hyperlinks allow students to surf the Net to gather information about a theme connected to the values in the lesson. An across-the-curriculum approach has been adopted.

Do and Know: Helps students to imbibe values by working on projects and taking part in group activities.

Notes for the Teacher: Suggestions and additional activities to make classroom teaching more effective.

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9789386290557 Niti Ratna (For Class 1) Rs   274.00
9789386290564 Niti Ratna (For Class 2) Rs   299.00
9789386290571 Niti Ratna (For Class 3) Rs   299.00
9789386290588 Niti Ratna (For Class 4) Rs   309.00
9789386290595 Niti Ratna (For Class 5) Rs   339.00
9789386290601 Niti Ratna (For Class 6) Rs   369.00
9789386290618 Niti Ratna (For Class 7) Rs   379.00
9789386290625 Niti Ratna (For Class 8) Rs   379.00
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