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For Classes:
1 to 8

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Poetry Magic

Poetry Magic takes children to the magical world of poetry and aspires to inculcate in them a love for it. Poetry heals. In a world torn by strife and shaken by stress, poetry is what children need. Selected and edited by two of India’s greatest living poets, Ruskin Bond and Keki N Daruwalla, these books are carefully graded into 8 parts.

The series has :

  • a variety of poems by many poets.
  • beautiful illustrations.
  • suggestions and notes on how to use the poems.
  • biographical sketches of poets.
  • extrapolatory exercises and word meanings.
  • classics in translation

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9788183321709 Poetry Magic 1 (HB) Rs   229.00
9788183321716 Poetry Magic 2 (HB) Rs   259.00
9788183321723 Poetry Magic 3 (HB) Rs   259.00
9788183321730 Poetry Magic 4 (HB) Rs   269.00
9788183321747 Poetry Magic 5 (HB) Rs   269.00
9788183321754 Poetry Magic 6 (HB) Rs   249.00
9788183321761 Poetry Magic 7 (HB) Rs   249.00
9788183321778 Poetry Magic 8 (HB) Rs   249.00
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