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Pre- Primer, Primer, 1 to 8 Main Reader, Workbook & Teacher's Handbook

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Networks is a complete, graded English course, specially designed for learners of English as a second language


The Networks series aims to

  • encourage independent learning by learners through texts of suitable readability levels.
  • make the books user-friendly by using apt themes, a wealth of stories, factual pieces, plays and poems; graded according to reader appeal.
  • give extensive practice through stimulative and learner-centred tasks.
  • develop English language skills and their effective usage, and transference of these skills to other curriculum areas.
  • create an awareness of the relevance of English skills in learning other

Networks 1-5 comes with free grammar posters

Networks Workbook

The workbooks complement the main course books.
All the lessons consist of
v   additional lesson-based comprehension exercises.
v   extensive grammar and vocabulary practice.
v   dictionary reference, punctuation and linked but unseen comprehension passages.
The mini dictionary and the grammar notes aid in understanding the vocabulary and grammatical concepts.

Also available
The Teacher’s Handbooks contain worked-out exercises.
Web Support on The ELT Virtual Resource Centre

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  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9788183324762 Networks Main Coursebook Pre Primary Rs   229.00
9788183324779 Networks Main Coursebook Primer Rs   229.00
9788183324786 Networks Main Coursebook 1 Rs   304.00
9788183324793 Networks 2 (Web Support) Rs   304.00
9788183324809 Networks Main Coursebook 3 Rs   304.00
9788183324816 Networks 4 (Web Support) Rs   339.00
9788183324823 Networks Main Coursebook 5 Rs   339.00
9788183324830 Networks 6 (Web Support) Rs   349.00
9788183324847 Networks Main Coursebook 7 Rs   349.00
9788183324854 Networks 8 (Web Support) Rs   364.00
9788183325202 Networks Workbook 1 Rs   144.00
9788183325219 Networks Workbook 2 Rs   144.00
9788183325240 Networks Workbook 3 Rs   159.00
9788183325257 Networks Workbook 4 Rs   159.00
9788183325264 Networks Workbook 5 Rs   159.00
9788183325271 Networks Workbook 6 Rs   169.00
9788183325288 Networks Workbook 7 Rs   169.00
9788183325295 NETWORKS WORKBOOK 8 (2009 ED) Rs   169.00
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