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For Classes:
1 to 8Reader & Teacher’s Handbook

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GRAMMAR & MORE gives students a clear understanding of the basic rules of English grammar. The Comprehension section enables students to activate four different comprehension strategies—predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarizing, which help them understand a text. Students need to communicate in acceptable standard English and to use the language appropriately. The Composition section is designed to meet that need.

The aim of the series is to

  • promote growth by knowing, noticing and exploring how language works.
  • develop an understanding of grammatical structures which increases insight into grammar tasks.
  • add an analytical dimension to the English curriculum.

Features of Books 1–5

  • Books 1 and 2 introduce children to grammar through picture study. The books aim at giving young learners a head start in the study of grammatical concepts.
  • Each grammatical element is explained clearly using easy-to-follow examples.
  • Induces the learners to realize the grammar rules through some form of guided discovery
  • Interesting comprehension passages to develop comprehension skills
  • Guided composition to develop age-appropriate writing skills in children

Features of Books 6–8

  • The core grammar concepts are presented systematically.
  • Unseen comprehension passages include a wide range of text types. They provide students with systematic and rigorous guidance on how to understand and respond to texts that they read.
  • The exercises develop critical thinking and problem solving through speculating and analysing.
Also Available
Teacher’s Handbooks,Web support on The ELT Virtual Resource Centre
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  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789386390820 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 1 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   269.00
9789386390837 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 2 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   314.00
9789386390844 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 3 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   344.00
9789386390851 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 4 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   369.00
9789386390868 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 5 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   379.00
9789352900664 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 6 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   399.00
9789352900671 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 7 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   414.00
9789352900688 NEW GRAMMAR & MORE BOOK 8 (2019) (NEP 2020) Rs   419.00
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