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1 to 8 Reader & Companion

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Welcome to Grammar in action (1-8). This brand-new, 8-level grammar course has been designed with the young learner and the natural order of learning at its heart. Grammar topics and covered in full, with a careful step-by-step progression gives pupils the confidence and reassurance they need to build their own sentences and develop their communicative strategies as they develop and grow. At the end of this course, teachers can feel confident that their pupils will have mastered English grammar as it is used today.

Key features
  • Broadly based on the NCERT and ICSE syllabi
  • Step-by-step progression allows pupils to build up their grammar and language skills in a natural way, through practice and lively communication with others
  • Grammar topics are explained in clear, simple language
  • A wide range of functional learning activities - exercises, composition, comprehension, game-play, role play and social interaction - help pupils practise grammar
  • A clear distinction is made between what is acceptable in written English, and what is normal in spoken English
  • All of the language taught consists of typical words and phrases that are used every day in real standard English, adapted from the Collins Corpus
  • Encourages learning through recycling of structures learnt, and repetition
  • Revision units ensure that pupils have absorbed the material learnt so far, so that teachers can be confident that they are ready to move on
  • Progress tests and extra practice sheets available online at www.elt.ratnasagar.co.in

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