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For Classes:
1 To 8

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GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR is a series of eight books for young learners. It is adapted from BACK TO BASICS, a set of books published by Blake Education for the Australian Curriculum. GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR has a syncretic approach to language teaching, combining communicative and structural methods. This will appeal to schools across Boards and meet the needs of different curricula. The series will enable learners to imbibe and apply the rules of English grammar, and also appreciate contemporary language usage.

Some special features
  • Besides focusing on grammar, the series provides ample scope for practising Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.
  • Pictorial, activity-based warm-ups introduce each unit.
  • There are separate sections with Spelling, Vocabulary and Punctuation Exercises
  • The books include tasks that highlight the importance of language across the curriculum.
  • Good to know makes learners aware of exceptions to grammar rules, and differences between traditional rules and contemporary usage.
  • Watch out! draws learner's attention to common errors, especially error to which Indian users of English are prone.
  • That's funny introduces humour which will help learners to retain and recall grammatical concepts.
  • The series has more than a hundred grammar games!

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9789386290717 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 1 Rs   259.00
9789386290724 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 2 Rs   299.00
9789386290731 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 3 Rs   319.00
9789386290748 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 4 Rs   324.00
9789386290755 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 5 Rs   349.00
9789386290762 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 6 Rs   364.00
9789386290779 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 7 Rs   374.00
9789386290786 GEM'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR 8 Rs   384.00
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