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For Classes:
A,B,1 to 8

A complete English Course

Focus is a series of graded English readers for Foundational (A, B, 1 , 2), Preparatory (3-5) and Middle (6-8) stages. The series is designed to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing through a range of prose and poetry selections.
Books A and B focus on reading and speaking through phonics, pattern recognition, vocabulary and sentence structures.
Books 1 and 2 focus on reading comprehension and language generation aided by sight words and conversation practice.
Books 3 - 5 focus on language and literature through application-based vocabulary exercises, functional speaking tasks and creative writing practice
Books 6 - 8 focus on literature and literary appreciation through in-text questions and detailed teaching of prose and poetry. Focus also extends learning beyond the classroom through Notes on Authors, poets and their Contemporaries in other fields, and special pages on Grammar, Summaries/Paraphrases, Art Integration and Suggestions for Teachers and Parents.

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9789390232352 Focus English Book A Rs   199.00
9789390232369 Focus English Book B Rs   219.00
9789390232376 Focus English Book 1 Rs   329.00
9789390232383 Focus English Book 2 Rs   374.00
9789390232390 Focus English Book 3 Rs   439.00
9789390232406 Focus English Book 4 Rs   469.00
9789390232413 Focus English Book 5 Rs   474.00
9789390232420 Focus English Book 6 Rs   489.00
9789390232437 Focus English Book 7 Rs   499.00
9789390232444 Focus English Book 8 Rs   499.00
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