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For Classes:
1 To 8

Computer Zone for ICSE schools is a series of eight books for Classes 1 to 8. Based on Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, the series adopts a user-friendly and interactive approach to make the study of computers a joyful experience. It carries up-to-date information on the advancements in the field of information and communication technology. The text is learner-centric and encourages the learner to think both creatively and logically. The layout is supported by lively illustrations and ample screenshots.

Key features

  • Key concepts are the main topics covered in a chapter.
  • Practice time provides in-text guided exercises to strengthen computer skills.
  • Check your progress provides in-text questions to assess the understanding of concepts.
  • Did you know? provides interesting facts.
  • Cool tip gives timesaving information.
  • Keywords are computer-related words and their meanings.
  • Let us recall helps revise the important concepts learnt.
  • Test yourself and Test papers evaluate the learner’s understanding of concepts.
  • In the lab provides hand-on activities along with guidelines.
  • Project work includes individual/small/large group activities.

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789386290397 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 1) Rs   279.00
9789386290403 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 2) Rs   319.00
9789386290410 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 3) Rs   359.00
9789386290427 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 4) Rs   389.00
9789386290434 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 5) Rs   399.00
9789386290441 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 6) Rs   429.00
9789386290458 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 7) Rs   439.00
9789386290465 COMPUTER ZONE (For Class 8) Rs   459.00
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