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Environmental Studies>>A Happy World

For Classes:
1 to 2

A Happy World conforms to the guidelines of NCF 2005. The content has been developed by practising teachers and experts. The books are enriched with CCE features.

  • Get set , go has warm-up activities that stimulate the interest of learners in the lesson and the concepts taught.
  • In a nutshell recapitulates the main points of the lesson.
  • A poem for me has lesson-linked poems for learners to enjoy.
  • Let us answer has questions that lend themselves to both Formative and Summative Assessments.
  • Let us do has activities and projects to make learning a fun-filled experience.
  • Life skills and A value for me have activities which stimulate thinking and foster values.
  • Check your understanding has more tasks for Formative Assessment.
  • Revision worksheets are for the Summative Assessment of learners
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9789386925909 UPDATED A HAPPY WORLD BOOK 1 (2018) Rs   419.00
9789386925916 UPDATED A HAPPY WORLD BOOK 2 (2018) Rs   419.00
9789352900893 NEW A HAPPY WORLD BOOK 3 Rs   399.00
9789352900909 NEW A HAPPY WORLD BOOK 4 Rs   399.00
9789352900916 NEW A HAPPY WORLD BOOK 5 Rs   399.00
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