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For Classes:
9 And 10 Textbook

My Big Book of Values 9 & 10 addresses the need for educating children in values as enunciated by the National Curriculum Framework 2005. In the selection of topics and their presentation, the books closely follow the guidelines laid down in the NCERT Position Paper on Education for Peace. As these books are for secondary school grades, the emphasis is on identity of self and community, family and peer interaction, social media and gadget addiction, stress and depression, acceptance of cultural plurality, democracy and citizenship, and the environment – all presented within national, global and ecological perspectives.

Key features

  • Act it out: Role-plays that introduce the value and generate a discussion around it
  • People speak: Real-life accounts and interviews of people from different sections of society
  • Expert speak: Experiences shared by people dedicated to a vocation, cause or value
  • Let’s discuss: Facts, ideas and questions for class discussions
  • Project time: Project activities to do and learn, and thereby expand the students outlook and horizons
  • Play the game: Games related to values to enliven classroom learning and interaction
  • Stories and Poems: With as much literary as instructional merit; thematically linked to values

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