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Learning Lamps is a semester series for the Foundational Stage and the Preparatory Stage. In keeping with the true spirit of the NEP and the NCF, the series discourages rote learning and memorization and promotes higher-order skills such as conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and application of knowledge. It seeks to turn students from passive receivers of information to active seekers of knowledge, and from passive listeners to active participants in the learning process. The books have been vetted by experienced nd practicing teachers and their inputs have been incorporated.

What’s included?

Worksheets including Blank maps, Word meanings grammar worksheets, Weblinks, a Variety of Educator notes, Fact boxes and assessment tools

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789358527360 LEARNING LAMPS 1 SEMESTER 1 Rs   609.00
9789358527926 LEARNING LAMPS 1 SEMESTER 2 Rs   609.00
9789358527193 LEARNING LAMPS 2 SEMESTER 1 Rs   659.00
9789358525755 LEARNING LAMPS 2 SEMESTER 2 Rs   659.00
9789358522556 LEARNING LAMPS 3 SEMESTER 1 Rs   689.00
9789358522679 LEARNING LAMPS 3 SEMESTER 2 Rs   689.00
9789358527285 LEARNING LAMPS 4 SEMESTER 2 Rs   724.00
9789358527247 LEARNING LAMPS 5 SEMESTER 1 Rs   749.00
9789358527025 LEARNING LAMPS 5 SEMESTER 2 Rs   749.00
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