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Peaks is an integrated course for classes 1 to 5. It is a semester series. Focused on the latest instructions laid out by the National Education Policy 2020, Peaks is built on the thematic approach. The series blends the lessons into the storytelling pedagogy, which makes them highly enjoyable, relatable and relevant for the children. The subjects encompassed in this series are English, Maths, EVS and General Knowledge for classes 1 and 2, and English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge for classes 3 to 5. What makes Peaks different? The semester series follows a common structure across all grades and subjects. Thus, it highlights the equal importance of all subjects. Peaks focusses on the following: -an emphasis on conceptual learning -storytelling as a standard teaching tool -cross-subject integration in terms of concepts and activities -activities that help develop life skills and values -integration of concepts with art (dance, music, drama, culinary arts and puppetry) -special pages to nurture emotional well-being -activities that develop 21st century skills in the learners, necessary in the present-day society

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9789355728227 PEAKS GRADE 3 (BUNDLE) Rs   2299.00
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9789355728241 PEAKS GRADE 5 (BUNDLE) Rs   2449.00
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